Mission/Vision Statement

 Lodi Middle School Mission Statement-
The staff is committed to serving and meeting the needs of all our students and promoting each student’s academic, physical, social and emotional development.  Our staff fosters a safe and caring environment where students, staff, parents and community members work together.

Goal Statements:

•  Every student will be a positive contributor and functional member of our school community

•  Every student will strive for proficiency on quarterly and yearly standardized assessments.

•  Every student will be prepared for high school

Value Statements

The staff values:

  •  Every student
  •  High student achievement and accomplishment
  •  Parents as partners
  •  Diversity
  •  Contributions and commitments of teachers and all staff as educators
  •  Trust, honesty, and respectful communication with each other

All students have the right to:

  •  The best possible education
  •  The respect of self and others
  •  A safe, non-threatening environment that is free from distractions
  •  A clean, healthy campus

All students are expected to:

  •  Be responsible for their choices and follow school rules at all times
  •  Be prepared and ready to learn
  •  Be on time to class
  •  Be polite, respectful and courteous at all times
  •  Be successful and strive for academic excellence

All parents are expected to:

  •  Get involved with their child’s education
  •  Have student attend school regularly and on time
  •  Encourage their child to do their very best
  •  Maintain regular communication with school personnel
Lodi Middle School